Content & Social Media Marketing

Does your business have a website or app? Or are you a social media manager handling several brands? Do your business and your clients always want to be percieved as industry leaders? Haku can help! Our unique system can help you find and create content that can help accelerate business, drive traffic, and boost engagement.

Artificial Intelligence Driven Automation

Haku's cutting edge Artificial Intelligence can help you identify Content and Trends related to your business without the high costs of hiring a development team. Our unique approach to Machine Learning Data Science combined with our simple Graphic interface, provides an edge to any business.

Machine Learning Insights

Haku utilizes bleeding edge data science and mathematics to provide intelligent result sets to logically complex queries. Haku's Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence makes it easy to automate content gathering, commenting, and sharing.

Even Robots Need Teachers

Machine Learning systems require a teacher and Haku has built a system that makes it easy to teach it what it's doing right and what it's getting wrong. Because, Data Science is just that... a science, and the Devil is usually in the data, that's why we've built a system that cleans and organizes data on every level, ensuring our customers have access to the cleanest, fastest, and best organized data available.

Our Team

Team 1 Beau Barbour Chief Collaborator +

With more than 15 years of experience as technology consultant, designer and entrepreneur in Los Angeles, Beau has worked with some of the most influential brands in the world, including HTC, ATT, MGM, Guess, Toyota, Paramount Pictures, Johnson & Johnson, Vizio, Gillette and many more.  A passionate technologist and a creative force, he has the unique ability to inspire and communicate with genuine passion and infectious energy.

Team 1 MARSHA Freelance Robot Content Guru +

MARSHA is a super smart robot content guru. She reads a lot, like more than anyone, so she knows how to spot a trend. She loves to learn, she's a cutting edge machine learning AI, just tell her what your looking for, and she will continue to connect your business with the right content for your audience. AND she'll even write new and original content for you. From tweets to long form content, MARSHA knows how to push all the right buttons. Ask us how MARSHA can help your business.

Team 2 Jascha Rynek Director of Technology +

Jascha is a jack of all trades and a master... of about seven.  He's is first and foremost the elite level coder responsible for every line of code in the first incarnation of HAKU.  He has more than 10 years experience arranging and creating complex and well documented applications, with a focus on interactive live video streaming, data architecture and modeling, query optimization, semantic analysis, machine learning data science and more.

Team 3 Tarrah Barbour Executive Producer +

Tarrah is a ten year veteran of top tier interactive production agencies in Los angeles, handling the biggest brands with the biggest agencies in the world (Saatchi & Saatchi, TBWA Chiat, DDB, Live Nation, KissD, Hooky Interactive).  She has produced award winning social media, web and mobile technologies that captivate audiences and extend brands.  In addition to her in-depth knowledge of the advertising industry, Tarrah's ability to build relationships and bring people together makes her an essential asset to any company.

Team 4 Nanea Reeves The Secret Sauce +

Currently Chief Operating Officer, TextPlus, Inc. Former Chief Strategy & Product Officer, Gaikai acquired by Sony in 2012 for $380MM. SVP/COO, EA Online generating $200MM in new digital revenues; SVP, Deployment & Technology at JAMDAT Mobile and was Management Team member through IPO to acquisition by EA for $680MM

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